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A Taste-full New Year

Did you ever wonder why your favorite foods taste so good or why there are some foods you just can’t stomach? Or how come some … Continue reading

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Manapol® Extract: Mannatech’s Sweet Foundation

In this season of giving gifts and thanks, let us take a minute to honor the sweet foundation of Mannatech’s success: Manapol aloe vera gel … Continue reading

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A Gentle Touch—Tips for Softer Skin This Season

This time of year, those of us of a certain age often look forward to time spent with little ones we don’t get to see … Continue reading

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Got Calcium?

Recent studies have caused many nutrition scientists to reconsider appropriate daily calcium intake. Concerns about intake of RDA levels of supplemental calcium (1,000 mg/day) were … Continue reading

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Winter Wellness Tips

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I always looked forward to the holidays because I knew I’d get time off from school, … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Holidays Healthier This Year

The holidays are most definitely upon us. Lights are popping up all over neighborhoods. Grocery stores are nearing capacity on a daily basis. And the “light rock” stations have flipped the switch and gone pure holiday music.

And, of course, there will be food. Lots of calorie-packed, cholesterol-raising, wonderfully delicious food.

Which poses a problem for those of us trying to stick to what we know is a healthy lifestyle. We spoon up the casseroles and skip the workouts all in the “spirit of the season.” What’s a health-conscious person to do?

Over the past year, the writers of have shared some great ideas on how to keep things in check over the holidays. From doctors to personal trainers to product managers, this crew from Mannatech has some uniquely specific advice for you this year: Continue reading

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Holiday Balancing Act

Believe it or not, the average person may consume enough fat at a holiday meal to equal three sticks of butter. Yuck! In fact, according … Continue reading

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Dietary Supplements Getting Bad Press? One More Reason to Switch to Real!

Recently, the media has pounced on a couple of published studies, which reported that dietary supplements can be bad for you. One study found that … Continue reading

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Balanced Training – Don’t Forget the Legs

Far too many times when I have visited gyms across the country, I have observed the following sight: A man in the far corner of … Continue reading

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Seven Tips for Avoiding the Pitfalls of Holiday Weight Gain

The combination of colder weather, longer nights and the many food-centric events of the holiday season often leave us peering into the bathroom mirror on … Continue reading

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