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Here at Mannatech, understanding the science behind our products and exploring the numerous ways in which our products benefit health are practices that are extremely important to us. To share our research with our Associate base and consumers, we developed our very own science-based website— In case you aren’t already aware of this great resource, here are some highlights on the type of information you can find on the site:

  1. In the News —Here, you’ll read about Mannatech’s latest research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at respected scientific meetings. Since the launch of at the beginning of 2009, we have averaged nine In the News items per year. That’s one new research announcement almost every month! So be sure to visit this page often, by clicking on In the News on the right side of the home page.
  2. PublicationsFor those inquiring minds who want to learn more about Mannatech’s peer-reviewed studies, visit the Publications page, accessed by clicking on either the first tab on the top left or the image highlighted in blue on the bottom of the home page. This list includes short summaries and citations of journal articles and scientific meeting posters or abstracts that present research on specific Mannatech products. Our proprietary Ambrotose® complex and Advanced Ambrotose® products, and their constituent ingredients, have been studied one dozen times and counting! And don’t miss the links to downloadable files where you can read more about our exciting research findings.
  3. Product Ingredients—Have questions about the ingredients in our products? You can visit our Products pages by clicking on the Products tab on the top left or by clicking on the orange-highlighted image at bottom of the home page. Here, you can access individual product pages, listed alphabetically, each of which includes a copy of the supplement facts and ingredient information. Some product pages, such as those for Ambrotose products or our new Mannatech LIFT™ skin care system, include links to downloadable files that you may find educational and useful when introducing our products to others. As an alternative source, you can access the Ingredient Information page by clicking on the identically named tab on the top left section of the home page. Here you can search alphabetically through all of the individual ingredients used in Mannatech products.

Much more information about the science behind Mannatech’s products is available on, including an introduction to our Global Scientific Services teams and general resources about nutrition and dietary supplements. There is even a place to send your healthcare providers should they have more questions about our products. We hope you find the information on this site helpful and that you’ll be visiting on a regular basis.

Dr. Nelson is a Research Scientist at Mannatech, Incorporated.

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  • Loraine

    HI there – I would like to find out which mannatech products are recommended for someone taking warfarin. Many thanks

    • admin

      Individuals with health conditions should always discuss their diet and dietary supplement intake with a qualified health care professional.

  • Muriel Smith

    I would like to know the places that Manateck sells a Product Number 131,FIRM in the Olympia, or Lacey, Washington

    Thank you.

  • Tika

    My brother was depressed for the last ten years;
    He is getting better, but I want him to be the best he can,
    Which product is recommended, thanks

  • Jan Engelbrecht