Exercise Maintenance – Does It Really Exist?

A colleague recently asked me a thought-provoking question regarding the concept of maintenance as it pertains to training. To maintain means to give attention to something to ensure it is in its proper working/functioning order. So, how do we properly train with our goal being to maintain?

To answer the question, let’s establish a few things about our bodies. There is a point (most agree it is somewhere in our mid-20s) where our bodies begin to naturally lose lean muscle mass.  Basically, this is simply the aging process at work. Once it starts, this loss of lean muscle mass continues each year until you die. Additionally, this lessening of lean muscle mass affects your metabolism in a negative way (meaning your metabolic rate declines).  Metabolism is defined as the speed and ability in which your body burns food as energy. Isn’t aging a wonderful thing?

With the decrease in lean muscle mass and the slowing of our metabolism, we are in a situation of decline.  This state of decline is combated in the following ways:

1. Progressive resistance (weight) training — to build lean muscle, which in turn positively affects metabolism.

2. Cardiovascular training — to increase cardio-respiratory fitness and burn body fat, which positively affects metabolism.

3. Proper nutrition— consisting of low saturated fat protein and quality carbohydrates in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help the body rebuild, maintain a steady supply of energy and avoid storing excess fat.

With this established, I hope you can see how our definition of maintenance as it pertains to fitness must change. To maintain, we can’t just do the same things over and over again; we must steadily build at least as much as we lose. This building process requires steady attention, commitment and dedication.

When your body is already in a state of decline, do not fall into the trap of thinking you don’t have to change-up your fitness routine. Decline will continue to occur. To move beyond it, you must build, push, grow and continue to pursue fitness in a proactive, aggressive and progressive manner. Here’s to increase instead of decline!

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  • Nina

    Love this article. Thanks for pointing out that maintenance does not mean just continuing to do the same old thing – especially if that “thing” consists of very little exercise. I am definitely working on all three of your suggestions to combat the state of decline.

  • http://www.thevauniversity.com Jo

    Love this post! I do #2 really well as I take kickboxing and also walk/run on treadmill 5-6 days a week. #1 has scared me in the past since I didn’t want to “bulk” up. But weight training is great for weight control. #3 is a no brainer with the Mannatech products! But I also need to eat better for better nutrition.

    Keep these great posts coming.

  • http://www.jarointernational.com Janine

    This is so true and my husband and I have been putting interval aerobic alternating with weight and resistance training into practice. With the products we have both lost centimetres and gained muscle and a strong feeling of wellness