The 4Free Discount Program is all about sharing it forward—getting the nutritional health products you need and then helping your friends and family do exactly the same thing. Help others make a healthier lifestyle change, like giving their bodies nutrients from nature, and the natural result: you could end up getting your products for free.

For Example:

4 Easy Steps to Free—You’ll be a natural!

  1. Become a Mannatech Sponsoring Member by purchasing a product, like NutriVerus™ powder,* and put it on Automatic Order. No minimum purchase amount is required.
  2. Share the product with friends and family. Introduce them to the products through our Member program. You can share the products, the Member program and the 4Free Discount Program with as many people as you’d like.
  3. When your friends and family become Members and purchase their own products through Automatic Order or as a one-time purchase (no minimum requirement), then as the Sponsoring Member you’ll receive discount credits to use toward your next monthly Automatic Order.
  4. Each month, you will receive a 25% discount credit from every product purchased the previous month by those you have helped, until your credits exceed your monthly Automatic Order total. When this happens, you’re getting your products for free!

Download Resources

Member Plan Overview / 4Free Rules

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Application Form Member

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Application Form Member Conversion

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Member 4Free Discount Program

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Member Policies and Procedures

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Order Form-Member Product

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Order Form-Automatic Order

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Product Price List

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Credits must be used each month or they expire. Maximum credit of $50 per order up to a total credit of $250 per month. Shipping, handling and taxes are excluded. See the Member Plan Overview for more details.