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Walk Your Way to Better Health

Ah, I love the simple act of walking! My favorite time to walk outdoors is in autumn. Nothing could be more relaxing, and energizing, than … Continue reading

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Got Colostrum?

Colostrum is extremely beneficial for the offspring because it is packed with protein, essential antibodies and nutrients to help boost immunity.1 It’s also one of the … Continue reading

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Healthy Skin from the Inside Out!

Quick! Can you name the body’s biggest organ? I’ll give you a few hints: You can see it. It helps protect you from the environment. … Continue reading

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Want Help with Weight Loss? Try Some Vitamin ZZZZZs

Don’t you wish you could just close your eyes and wake up weighing less? As a life-long dieter, this has been my wish. Few things … Continue reading

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Nutrition—An Important Subject Matter for Your Gray Matter

We all strive for better memory, sharper focus, higher attention span and better concentration. We read books, we do crossword puzzles, we exercise, we aim … Continue reading


What Eggactly is the Difference?

There was a time when it seemed that all eggs were created equal. When you could go to your local grocery store and grab a … Continue reading

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Dinner Plate, Knife, and Fork

Fifty Simple Ways to Cut 100 Calories!

When it comes to calories, things can really add up fast! But not to worry! Just as fast as it adds up, it can be … Continue reading

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So What’s the Big Deal About Vegetarianism?

Have you ever thought of becoming a vegetarian? Maybe after seeing the movie Forks Over Knives or The Engine 2 Diet you were convinced that … Continue reading

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Turmeric: The Spice of Life!

By the Mannatech R & D Team Have you noticed that turmeric has been getting a lot of press lately? This bright orange-yellow polyphenol-rich powder … Continue reading

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For The Love Of A Healthy Heart

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it seemed timely to pay some special attention to the most important organ in our bodies, the heart! … Continue reading